My Limit

Track your Alcohol use in real-time and Never Drink and Drive!

Find your Alcohol level in seconds!

Use "My Limit" to quickly estimate & track your Alcohol use in real-time.

Real-time countdown timers

Multiple timers show your estimated time to sober and your own custom limit. Please Never Drink & Drive!

Choose from 100,000+ drinks!

Choose from thousands of drinks with custom alcohol % and sizes. Craft Beer? White Wine? Short pour? "My Limit" has em all!

Simple drink counter & history

Count your drinks and manage your alcohol use over time. You can view your drink history by day, week, month and year.

Add custom drinks

Can't find a drink in the app? Add it using the custom dials to set your exact drink size and alcohol %.

Easy to use interface!

We designed "My Limit" to be simple enough to use even when you're in party-mode!

Free, Free, Free!

"My Limit" is 100% Free. Try it now - we know you'll love it!